How To Measure For New Countertops

STEP 1: Gather your tools

  • Tape measure
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Calculator

STEP 2: Draw a diagram of your countertop space on paper

Including the backsplash (if you plan to have it made from the same material) and spaces for your sink, cooktop etc

STEP 3: Using your tape measure

Measure the countertop length from wall/edge to wall/edge (in inches) ON ALL SIDES. Measure TWICE just to be sure

STEP 4: Write down the length

Write down the measurements in the correct place on your drawing

STEP 5: Measure the depth/width of the countertops from the wall

Keep in mind most countertop depths are usually 25.5 inches

STEP 6: Don’t forget to measure the backsplash

Do this step if you are using the same material for your backsplash



STEP 7: Time for some quick calculations

Let’s determine your closely estimated square footage (from your measurements)

Square Feet = (Length  x Width) / 144

Here is what you’ll do:

Multiply the total length of your countertop by the depth of your countertop and then divide by 144

Don’t forget to calculate the backsplash!

Multiply the height of your backsplash by the length of your backsplash then divide by 144

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